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Our expertise lies in revealing latent revenue potential, enabling you to highlight your properties and engage with potential buyers via technological avenues. We provide comprehensive real estate software solutions that represent the pinnacle of property services.

Develop Cutting-Edge Real Estate Solutions with Our Premier Real Estate Software Development Services

Our expertise lies in revealing latent revenue potential, enabling you to highlight your properties and engage with potential buyers via technological avenues. We provide comprehensive real estate software solutions that represent the pinnacle of property services.

The growth of the economy is a key factor driving the increasing demand for real estate, leading to the gradual absorption of both commercial and residential properties. The real estate sector involves a multitude of operations, including tracking various locations, maintaining up-to-date inventories, buying and selling properties, finding tenants, attracting investors, and overseeing new developments. As such, the integration of technology and automation is essential to enhance communication and minimize friction within real estate businesses.

Metro Midas offers innovative Enterprise Software Development services to bring complex real estate concepts to fruition. Whether you’re a prominent real estate company, a small property agency, or an individual real estate agent, take advantage of our custom software development services for the real estate industry to create advanced solutions that enhance the property purchasing experience for both buyers and sellers.

Bespoke Real Estate Solutions Featuring Essential Key Attributes

Virtual 360-Degree Property Tours

Enable your potential buyers to explore properties of their choice without leaving their homes. Provide a comprehensive 3D view of the entire property, along with detailed information about their preferred property.

Advanced Property Location Search

Display matching properties directly on the map to facilitate effortless searching for clients. Users can filter their search based on criteria such as the number of bedrooms, price, country, and city.

Property Listings

Clients can view available properties in a list format, streamlining the house-hunting process. The user-friendly interface of the app serves as an effective tool for property search.

Management of Short-Term Rentals

This feature is appealing to travelers visiting the area for special events and corporations in need of short-term accommodations

Electronic Document Signing

Centralize all documents related to buying, selling, or refinancing. Accelerate contract completion with electronic signatures and streamline transactions from start to finish.

Insights Driven by Data

Buyers gain an enhanced view of properties, while real estate companies can forecast their financial outlook. A structured database captures client expectations, and reliable appraisals foster confidence among buyers and sellers.

Artificial Intelligence Assistance

Clients can instantly access information, while agents benefit from a personal assistant available 24/7.

Automated Valuation Models

Enhance efficiency and objectivity by enabling users to rapidly generate revenue and expense data for deal analysis.

Geo and Social Advertising

Enables targeted property advertising through geofencing opportunities offered by Snapchat, Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

GPS Integration

Facilitates convenient home hunting for families and proves invaluable for single professionals. It offers location-based solutions for improved mapping and navigation.

Interest Rate Calculators

Provide detailed information on various financial metrics, including gross potential income, gross and net operating income, gross rental multiplier, capitalization rate, cash flow before and after tax, break-even ratio, and return on equity.

Optimize Your Commercial Property's Value with Custom Real Estate Solutions Featuring Key Features

Owner Dashboard

Market Analysis - View Pricing and Property Offers from Other Buyers and Property Managers
Property Insights - Access Various Analytics, Listings, Watchlists, and Property Details
Listning Syndication - Clients can efficiently view available properties in a list format, streamlining the house-hunting process.
Verification - Sales agents and property managers are authenticated through phone number verification, certificate and license uploads.
Login Information - Personal and agency login details of the sales agent or property manager are collected during the sign-up process.
Buyer Analytics - Determine how frequently a property is viewed, starred, added to watchlists, and by which buyers.
Communication - Engage with buyers or tenants to facilitate the negotiation process for the property.
Property Inspection - Schedule property inspections by adding details about inspection timings and dates for listed properties. Manage Alerts - Interested buyers receive property alerts.
Alert Management - Keep interested buyers informed with property alerts.

Customer Dashboard

Watchlist - See related property matches and add more to the list.
Messaging - Communicate with the property sales agent or property manager within the application.
Purchase/Rent Property - Users can securely buy or rent a property through online payment.
Notifications - Receive alerts about property offers and prices from agents or property managers.
Property Details - Access property details and add them to your shortlist from the matching list.
Search Specifications - Buyers or tenants can add up to three search specification details.
Sign Up/Sign In - Buyers or tenants can specify personal and property details by signing up.
Phone Number Authentication - Verify the phone number to authenticate buyers and tenants.
Contact - Email, Message, or Call to reach the sales agent or property manager.

Admin Dashboard

Statistics - Access information on business, rentals, sales, and system users.
Settings - Manage policies, terms and conditions, contact, and support details.
User Management - Monitor the activities of different system users.
FAQs - Address user queries through FAQs and videos.
Notifications - Send notifications to all or selected users of the system.
Property Listing - Agents or property managers can block, view, or edit the list of properties.

Impact of Blockchain on the Real Estate Industry

Facilitate connections between potential buyers and sellers through innovative business models. All types of properties can be tokenized, liquefied, and traded in a secure and transparent manner. This enables owners, tenants, and service providers to interact with a transparent transaction history. Additionally, processes such as releasing apartment ownership or rental documents will be simplified.

Find Your Ideal Property Through Ethical and Transparent Methods with Leading Real Estate Apps

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We possess extensive domain expertise in delivering cutting-edge mobility solutions for the real estate industry.
Agile Software Development Methodology
Experienced and skilled industry professionals for implementing complex solutions
Timely, Cost-effective, and Objective-driven Project Delivery
A proven marketing strategy for providing comprehensive web and mobile application development services, including optimization and marketing.
Guaranteed High-Quality Code, Data Security, and Satisfactory Development Services
Continuous Support and Maintenance Services Post-Development

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