Types of Manual Testing Services We offer

  • Performance Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Graphical User Interface Testing

  • Configuration Testing

  • Localization Testing

  • Installation Testing

  • System Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • API Testing

  • Compatibility Testing

  • Cross-browser Testing

  • Multi Platform Testing

  • Software Product Testing

  • Mobile App Testing

Manual Testing Tools Used by Our Team

Benefits of Our Manual QA Testing Services for Your Organization

Replicating User Interactions:

Our manual testers emulate user interaction with the newly developed software in order to thoroughly examine, identify and rectify inconsistencies in the appearance as well as usability of the product. With this approach, our manual testing process ensures the overall improvement of the software before its launch.

Uncovering Hidden Defects:

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to testing every available logic flow, imitating real user behavior, while navigating through the system. Hence, our testing engineers uncover a higher percentage of functionality issues that a user might face, providing better and more comprehensive coverage that automation might miss.

Time and Cost Efficiency:

Manual quality assurance testing is a more budget-friendly option for any short-term, small-scale project. Our services provide a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for significant upfront investments usually required for automation. So, our manual testing company provides flexible and extensive test coverage to those with constantly changing requirements, while maximizing the potential ROI on your projects.

Quick and Easy Test Execution:

The biggest advantage of manual testing services is that it requires little to no preparation to execute QA testing and produce end-user experience reports. There is no such need for complicated code writing to examine system capabilities and identify bugs, to help improve product efficiency.

Incorporating Human Cognizance:

Manual software testing services allow human testers to offer their all-rounded cognitive abilities such as logic, reasoning, memory, or analysis, in improving the usability of a product, that automation or AI testing usually fails. As a result, human testers prove to be better equipped when it comes to switching between test scenarios or predicting potential risks.

Personalized Approach to Each Testing Project:

Our testers customize their testing strategies based on the specific requirement of your project. We study the developmental process of a software thoroughly, beforehand, to determine the optimal combination of manual testing required to improve upon the product.

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The Process of Our Manual Software Testing Services

Our first step to manual quality assurance testing involves understanding various software requirements, specifications, and user expectations.

We then move forward to determining the testing objects, scope, and coverage of testing, stipulating the testing approaches and techniques for effective execution.

In this step, our manual testing process includes formulating an effective testing strategy after analyzing each project and its unique requirements.

Once the anticipated results have been retrieved, our manual testers meticulously develop comprehensive test cases and test scripts by the test plan. These test cases cover various scenarios, including positive and negative test cases, edge cases, and specific use cases, to ensure comprehensive coverage of the software's functionality.

In this step, planned tests are executed by our highly dedicated software testing engineers. Their job mainly consists of testing various test cases, following test scripts, and interacting with the software as a consumer.

After the tests are executed, manual testers can compare both the expected outcome and actual results. This further helps them identify and record the details of defects (if there are any), and facilitate timely resolution.

We then move on to fix or address reported issues and ensure that the software is stable and delivers its intended functionality.

Finally, we generate various status reports based on our review of the product specification which mainly includes testing reports, burn-down charts, bug reports, and test documentation.

Why Choose Metro Midas as a Manual QA Testing Company


Expertise and Experience:

At Inevitable Infotech, we have a certified team of professionals who possess a detailed understanding of a wide range of testing methodologies, tools, and best industry practices, which can benefit you in terms of reliable testing solutions tailored to your needs.


Standard Approach:

Our team follows a standard approach to conducting testing strategies by adhering to established frameworks, methodologies, and best practices such as IEEE 829, ISTQB, and more.


Domain Knowledge:

We have been successfully benefiting several businesses from various fields including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, etc. Our manual testers hold a strong knowledge base in terms of specific requirements of each domain, enabling us to design targeted test scenarios to validate a software’s functionality.


Focus on User Experience:

One of the key strengths of our manual QA testing company is that our team of experts always dives deep into a product prioritizing user experience above all the other attributes. We severely focus on usability, navigation, responsiveness, and such aspects to maximize user experience to the highest level of satisfaction.


Transparent Communication:

Transparent communication is the hallmark of Inevitable Infotech and its manual QA testing services. Our team is available 24/7 on different platforms to connect with clients whenever there is a need for communication.


Timely and Cost-Effective Services:

We leverage requirement-specific unique test strategies that allow us to execute and deliver timely results without making any compromises on quality.

Testimonials from our satisfied clients

Gopal Verma


We were impressed by the expertise and dedication of the manual testing team at Inevitable Infotech. Their comprehensive testing approach helped us identify critical issues, leading to a significantly improved user experience. Great job!

Gautam S

Top Talent Hunt

The manual testing services offered by Inevitable Infotech have exceeded our expectations. Their prompt responsiveness, clear communication, and rigorous testing methodologies have contributed immensely to the success of our project. Thank you for your exceptional service.

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    FAQs of Manual Testing Services

    Manual QA testing is the process of manually testing software to find bugs, defects, and usability issues. It involves executing test cases, validating functionality, and ensuring software meets requirements. Human intervention is key for identifying and reporting issues.

    Manual testing is important for its human intuition, user perspective, and ability to catch subtle issues. It ensures usability, covers diverse scenarios, adapts to changes, and complements automated testing. It aids in early defect detection and ensures software compatibility for a seamless user experience.

    Quality of manual testing services is ensured through experienced testers, comprehensive test plans, adherence to industry standards, rigorous defect reporting, and continuous improvement processes.