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Chart Your Course Forward in Utilities

Your utility enterprise must adapt to changing user preferences, adhere to regulations, and mitigate risks from unexpected events. A digital ecosystem enables you to enhance customer experiences and future-proof your business model.
Your utility enterprise must address changing user preferences, regulatory compliance, and risks from unforeseen events. With a younger demographic, utilities should prioritize a digital-first strategy to attract, engage, and retain customers. The digital generation prefers service through mobile and social channels, desires insight into consumption patterns for cost-effective tariff plans, and expects self-service options.
Metro Midas collaborates with water, gas, and power utilities to create a sentient utility enterprise - a digital utility that detects and responds to various stakeholders. Customers have access to a combined offering of traditional and renewable energy, along with advantages like net metering and personalized tariff plans. The field team utilizes mobility solutions for troubleshooting and proactive maintenance. Regulators view compliance as a chance for your utility to transition into a digital utility.
Metro Midas assists utilities in navigating the energy landscape and enhancing resilience through the Live Enterprise framework.
Cloud Migration Acceleration:
Metro Midas utilizes cloud computing for grid, infrastructure, data, and applications, aligning demand with supply across the generation-transmission-distribution continuum.
Resilient IT Operations Assurance:
Metro Midas implements a strong cybersecurity approach to protect the digital utility. Our remote management solution monitors servers, networks, and endpoints to identify security breaches.
Resilient Business Process Establishment:
Metro Midas guarantees uninterrupted operations by optimizing workflows for asset maintenance, customer service, and field force management. Our vegetation management system utilizes computer vision, data science, and machine learning to reduce risks along transmission lines of a power utility.
Scalable Remote Learning Enablement:
Metro Midas provides a mobile- and cloud-first learning platform to train the workforce using curated learning materials and multimedia content across various disciplines.

Revolutionizing Utility Services with Agile Digital Architecture

1. Experience:
Enhancing user engagement through:
- Advanced chatbots with cognitive abilities
- Automated financial advice technologies
- Video chat services equipped with intelligent features
- Mobile-centric solutions for consumers
2. Insight:
Leveraging data to drive business intelligence with:
- Digital data storage and analytical systems
- Intelligent grid energy management
3. Innovate:
Developing new approaches for utility services that include:
- Strategic digital transformation tailored for utility companies
- Simplified processes for customer service operations with single-click functionality
- Modernizing electrical grids for future demands
4. Accelerate:
Speeding up the implementation of technological advancements with:
- APIs that facilitate integrated platforms for utility services
- Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tailored for the utility sector
- Educational programs designed to prepare the workforce for future technological needs
- Optimizing geographical network data for improved infrastructure management
5. Assure:
Ensuring compliance and security by:
- Adhering to environmental, health, and safety regulations
- Developing dashboards for monitoring service level agreements in business and IT
- Offering cybersecurity services for infrastructure deemed critical
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