Data Warehouse

Services for Data Warehousing

Our comprehensive data warehouse services liberate you from the constraints of rigid data centers, allowing you the flexibility to scale up or down as needed.

Services for Data Warehousing

We aim to address the increasing challenges of traditional on-premise data warehousing by transitioning to a cloud data warehouse model. Our team of data warehouse consultants excels in developing, implementing, deploying, and optimizing data warehouses and storage solutions.
Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS)
Delegate your data warehouse requirements to us, and our team of data warehouse experts will design, deploy, customize, and oversee your data warehouse. We will handle the software and hardware technology stack under DWaaS, ensuring smooth data collection, storage, processing, and analysis.
Data Warehouse Consulting Services
Our team of data warehouse consultants can assist you in selecting the right technology stack, conducting sizing assessments, providing design advice, and evaluating existing infrastructure. Additionally, our data warehouse (DWH) services include workload estimation and cost analysis for developing an enterprise data warehouse.
Data Warehouse Development Services
Our data warehouse services encompass the conceptualization and development of new data warehouses tailored to your business objectives. Our team of data warehouse specialists can identify and extract data from various sources, cleanse and transform the data to improve quality, and load it into a centralized repository for easy management.
Data Warehouse Implementation Services
Our data warehouse services encompass the complete cycle of data warehouse design, development, integration, and automation. We have the expertise to create warehouse environments both on-premise and in the cloud. Allow us to select the data model, connect it to sources, transform incoming data, create data marts, and implement a data warehouse tailored to your business needs.
Data Warehouse Modernization Services
Our data warehousing services include the modernization and optimization of your current data warehouses to ensure compatibility. Our team can modernize your data warehouse architecture to enhance flexibility, scalability, and agility. If required, we can incorporate AI and ML capabilities to modernize your existing data warehouses.
Data Warehouse Migration Services
Our team of data warehouse consultants is experienced and proficient in migrating existing data to the platform of your choosing. Whether you need to migrate the warehouse from on-premise to the cloud or vice versa, we can handle it seamlessly, preserving logic and data integrity while minimizing operational disruptions.
Data Warehouse Support Services
We provide comprehensive data warehouse support services to help clients identify and resolve their data warehouse issues. Our services include securing the warehouse and prioritizing data warehouse administration and governance.

Tech Stack Utilized by Our Senior Data Analysts

We leverage top-notch tools, cutting-edge technologies, and contemporary methodologies to elevate your business.

Data Storage System

AWS DynamoDB
Azure Cosmos DB
Amazon Keyspaces
Amazon DocumentDB
Amazon Redshift

Integration of Data

Amazon Data Pipeline
Amazon QuickSight
Azure Data Factory
Apache Kafka

Platforms in the Cloud

Amazon Redshift
Google BigQuery

Our Proficiency in Data Warehousing

Our team of data warehouse specialists has extensive cross-industry experience in developing, deploying, implementing, and managing data warehouses. We have a proven track record of customizing our data warehouse services to meet your specific needs.
Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Services
Count on our data warehouse services to build an EDW, which is a collection of databases that provides a unified method for organizing and categorizing data based on its intended use.
Operational Data Store (ODS) Services
Our data warehouse experts can help you achieve operational reporting, controls, and decision-making objectives through ODS, which often serves as a complementary element to EDW. Rely on us to enable real-time data refreshment in your ODS.
Data Mart Services
Our data warehouse consultants excel in creating subject-oriented data marts, ensuring that specific data types are accessible to particular groups for quicker analysis.
Single-Tier Data Warehouse Services
Our data warehouse services include creating a single-tier architecture to reduce the volume of stored data by consolidating dense data sets. This approach helps eliminate data redundancies and is ideal for organizations with straightforward data needs.
Double-Tier Data Warehouse Services
Our data warehouse developers are proficient in building a double-tier architecture, utilizing a suitable system and database server to segregate tangible data within the warehouse.
Triple-Tier Data Warehouse Services
Our data warehouse consultants have expertise in constructing triple-layer data warehouses. This approach involves using a databank server at the bottom tier, an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) server in the middle tier, and a top layer at the client level comprising tools and APIs for advanced data analysis.

What Sets Metro Midas Warehouse Consultants Apart?

Metro Midas is a leading data warehouse service provider, offering comprehensive solutions for streamlining data science efforts. Our team includes data analysts, engineers, visualization consultants, warehouse specialists, and scientists. We provide end-to-end services, empowering global enterprises to maximize returns on their data investment.
Benefits of Choosing Metro Midas as Your Partner
- Access to an experienced Agile team of data warehouse consultants.
- Transparent and flexible engagement models tailored to your needs.
- Expertise in creating data marts, data lakes, and data warehouses.
- Ability to provide on-premise, multi-cloud, and hybrid data warehouse solutions.
- Successful track record in implementing multi-tenant data warehouses.
- Commitment to ensuring absolute confidentiality through a strict NDA.
- Easy exit policy for a hassle-free partnership.


Why Should You Consider Data Warehousing Services?
Data warehousing services are essential for several reasons:
- They help collect and organize data from various sources within your organization, breaking down data silos.
- Data warehouses enable you to leverage both unstructured and structured data effectively.
- They facilitate historical data analysis, providing valuable insights for decision-making.
- Data warehouses ensure data quality, consistency, and accuracy.
- By using a data warehouse, you can easily access information and transition from static to dynamic reporting, particularly for business intelligence purposes.
What are the Key Components of a Typical Data Warehouse Implementation?
A typical data warehouse consists of four key components:
1. Central Database
2. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Tools
3. Metadata
4. Access Tools
How Can I Benefit from Data Warehousing Services?
Data warehousing services offer several advantages, including:
1. Cloud-based data warehouses provide unlimited computing power and storage space.
2. The Data Warehouse as a Service model offers flexible pricing, allowing you to pay for resources only when needed.
3. Cloud-hosted data warehouses enable easy scaling up or down as required.
4. Data warehousing services facilitate the integration of new technologies like ML and AI for enhanced productivity.
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