Data Visualization

Visualization of Data Services

Harness Our Data Visualization Expertise to Craft Compelling Data Narratives

At Metro Midas, we tailor our data visualization services to streamline the process of transforming data into a format that is easily understood. Learn how our proficiency with various data visualization tools can help present data insights in an engaging visual format, saving you valuable time.
Utilize our Tableau proficiency for data visualization, trend and pattern exploration, dashboard creation, and easy sharing with others.
Seek advice from our data visualization specialist, proficient in leveraging Power BI for AI-powered augmented analytics and tailored interactive reporting.
Our Qlik developers excel at extracting and analyzing data from diverse sources to support your business in making informed decisions.

Data Visualization Services We Provide

Our data visualization consultants provide an array of services and utilize cutting-edge tools to gather data insights, generate visual representations, and assist businesses in efficiently understanding insights.
Data Visualization Strategy and Execution
Our data visualization consultants excel in crafting bespoke data visualization strategies tailored to your requirements. Our team integrates data sources and investigates, analyzes, and implements suitable data visualization methods. Allow them to deploy strategic, managerial, and operational visualization dashboards according to your needs.
Data Migration
Our data engineers possess the necessary skills to assist you in migrating your data to a new data visualization and business intelligence platform. Utilize our data visualization services for a smooth transition from your legacy applications to modern BI and data visualization solutions such as Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.
Report and Dashboard Development
Engage our data visualization consultant, who can skillfully and strategically utilize your business data to tailor dashboards and reports, incorporating a variety of elements such as charts, graphs, plots, maps, and more. They can seamlessly integrate these dashboards into your existing operating systems.
Optimizing Current Dashboards
Make use of our data visualization services to enhance and optimize your current dashboard. If you have several disjointed dashboards, we can consolidate them into a single, actionable visual dashboard that seamlessly delivers insights, thanks to our expertise in performance architecture development.
Development of Business Intelligence Platforms
Our data engineers and analysts excel in implementing BI architecture design and optimizing it to align with your project needs. They can assist you in constructing and launching enterprise-level solutions, enabling BI applications that streamline data management and offer robust data visualization capabilities.
Tailored Data Visualization Solutions
Our data team excels in crafting customized data visualization solutions to assist you in creating brand-specific reports and dashboards. Leveraging these personalized solutions from us can enable you to showcase essential KPIs and consolidate all data sources across the various channels of your organization.
Advanced Data Platform Development Services
Utilizing innovative methods and cutting-edge technology, we can modernize your current data platform, making it future-ready to support business intelligence (BI) and analytics. Benefit from our data visualization consulting services to construct an innovative data platform that allows you to visualize futuristic data.
Expert Data Migration Visualization Services
Our skilled data engineers are equipped to assist you in migrating your data to a new business intelligence (BI) platform. Utilize our data visualization services to visually represent the seamless data migration from your legacy applications to modern BI and data visualization solutions such as Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.

Technologies We Utilize for Data Visualization

We leverage top-tier tools, cutting-edge technologies, and contemporary approaches to enhance your business's scalability.

Platform for Data Visualization

Microsoft Excel
Power BI

Libraries for Data Visualization

Chart JS
High Charts
Fusion Charts
JS Charting

Solution Based on the Cloud

Google Data Studio
Amazon QuickSight
Azure Monitor

Our Expertise in Dashboard Development as Part of Data Visualization Services

Dashboards with a Strategic Focus

We will assist you in developing strategic dashboards tailored for senior-level executives, emphasizing long-term strategies and high-level metrics.
- Executive Management Strategic Dashboard
- Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Strategic Dashboard
- Software as a Service (SaaS) Management Dashboard
- Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Strategic Planning Dashboard
- Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Dashboard

Dashboard for Operational Insights

Benefit from our proficiency in developing operational dashboards for junior-level management executives, highlighting key operational processes and timeframes.
- Marketing Operational Dashboard
- Manufacturing Production Dashboard
- Logistics Operational Dashboard
- Customer Service Metrics Dashboard

Dashboard for Analytics

Let our data visualization consultants craft analytical dashboards for middle management executives, incorporating extensive data generated by analysts.
- Financial Performance Dashboard
- Procurement Cost Dashboard
- Healthcare Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard for Tactical Insights

Utilizing our proficiency in data visualization services, we will design tactical dashboards for mid-level management to analyze and monitor the processes under their purview.
- IT Project Management Dashboard
- Energy Management Tactical Dashboard
- HR Talent Management Tactical Dashboard
- Social Media Dashboard
- Supply Chain Tactical Dashboard

What Makes Hiring Data Visualization Consultants from Metro Midas a Great Choice?

Metro Midas boasts an exceptional data team comprising vetted data scientists, analysts, engineers, and visualization consultants. They excel in implementing mathematical techniques, leveraging robust tools, and employing advanced technologies to tailor data visualization solutions to your specific requirements.
Utilize our data visualization advisory services to interact with your data through intuitive dashboards, engaging reports, and informative narratives. Our experts can assist you in visualizing critical KPIs and complex business metrics with utmost ease and speed.
Benefits of Choosing Metro Midas as Your Partner:
- Access to the top 1% of data visualization talent.
- A dedicated team of Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik experts.
- Dedicated resources to address your challenges.
- Data visualization consulting with support and maintenance services.
- Agile data team with cross-industry expertise.
- Transparent and flexible engagement models.
- Strict NDA for absolute project confidentiality.
- Easy exit policy for smooth transitions.


Why Should You Consider Data Visualization Services?
The vast amount of data accumulated by your business contains countless insights that are often challenging to interpret or utilize effectively. Data visualization is a method that presents these intricate insights in a compelling and easily comprehensible format.
Here are some reasons why data visualization is essential:
- To detect trends and patterns in data.
- To identify bottlenecks or areas requiring improvement.
- To comprehend factors influencing customer behavior.
- To forecast and plan the growth of your business.
What Data Visualization Services Does Metro Midas Provide?
Metro Midas offers a range of data visualization services, including customized solutions, interactive dashboards, and visually appealing reports tailored to your requirements. Our goal is to assist you in fostering a data-driven culture and enhancing your decision-making process by presenting concrete facts.
What Data Visualization Techniques Does Metro Midas Utilize?
We employ various data visualization techniques, including:
- Area Chart
- Bar Chart
- Line Chart
- Pie Chart
- Fever Chart
- Gantt Chart
- Dual Axis Chart
- Geographical Map
- TreeMap
- Scatter Plot
- Circle View
- Bubble Chart
These techniques help us create insightful and visually appealing representations of data.
In What Data Visualization Methods Are You Experts?
We combine data visualization with relevant information, excelling in various methods to present your data insights more effectively. Our expertise includes:
- Charts
- Graphs
- Tables
- Maps
- Dashboards
- Infographics
These methods enable us to present your data in a clear and impactful manner.
Which Data Visualization Tools Does Your Team Utilize?
Our team of data engineers and visualization consultants is proficient in utilizing advanced software tools for data visualization. Our technical expertise includes a range of data visualization technologies, such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, RAW, Plotly, Datawrapper, D3.js, HighCharts, Chart.js, Fusion Charts, and more.
Top-Tier IT Experts
Metro Midas Technology is the exclusive hub of dedicated software developers, UI/UX designers, QA experts, and product managers with incredibly rare and hidden talents. We provide access to exceptional IT talent globally, ranging from independent software developers to fully managed teams.
Aligned Time Zones
Time zone differences are never a constraint when working with Metro Midas Technology. We follow a simple procedure - aligning our developers' schedules with your time zone. Hire dedicated software developers from us, and collaborate seamlessly from afar, ensuring work is done according to your time zone, deadlines, and milestones.
Experienced Team
Whether you require expert developers in emerging technologies or an extended team to supplement your existing one, we can assist in both scenarios. As a full-stack software development company, we have a team of skilled and experienced software developers available for hire to address ongoing business challenges at your convenience.