Data Migration

Migration Services for Data

Utilize the skills of our Data Migration consultants to seamlessly transfer your data to the appropriate location without any downtime or loss of data.

Our services for Data Migration

We provide data migration services to enhance your internal capabilities, overseeing the entire migration process from consultation and strategy to testing, documentation, and completion.
Database Migration Services
Our database migration services employ best practices in Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) and robust version control protocols, ensuring scalable and secure data migration. Our consultants are adept at migrating various data types and business logic schemas, maintaining data security and consistency throughout. Whether it's homogenous migration or migration from disparate platforms to unified databases, we ensure a smooth transition.
Server Migration Services
Our server migration services encompass P2V (Physical-to-Virtual) and V2V (Virtual-to-Virtual) data migration, facilitating the transfer of data and applications from on-premise physical servers to virtual machines. Additionally, we can assist in migrating data from private or public clouds to Flexible Engine Cloud Service. Our data migration experts are proficient in utilizing various migration channels, data channel encryption, and a range of tools and technologies for seamless data migration.
Cloud Migration Services
Our cloud migration services are designed to assist clients in seamlessly transitioning to the cloud. We leverage our expertise and experience to help you migrate to the cloud with the right strategy, workflow model, roadmap, and collaboration with the ecosystem. Our data migration consultants specialize in infrastructure, platform, database, and application migration, enabling you to streamline your data science efforts.
Data Center Migration Services
Our data center migration services are tailored to assist you in migrating your aging data center architecture. We ensure a complete logical and operational relocation of your data center by selecting the appropriate IT infrastructure. With a team of experienced data migration specialists, we can help you migrate your legacy data center to the cloud, a modern in-house data center, a converged data center, or a Hyper-converged data center.
Application Migration Services
Our application migration services cover the migration of your business-critical applications that play a pivotal role in data collection. We ensure that the new environment offers the performance, scalability, reliability, and security you expect from business applications. Our data migration consultants excel at crafting a migration journey that suits your business needs. You can rely on our data migration services for a risk-free migration with zero data loss.
Business Process Migration Services
Our business process migration services utilize process mining to address three key objectives. Our team of data migration experts understands the opportunities and challenges involved in migrating business processes. They can seamlessly migrate your current business processes to an innovative and improved future state.
Storage Migration Services
Metro Midas provides end-to-end data migration services tailored to your needs. Our data migration consultants work with you at every stage, serving as reliable partners to migrate all types of storage from one infrastructure to another. You can count on us for seamless services with minimal disruptions and zero downtime.

Tech Stack Utilized by Our Data Migration Consultants

We leverage top-tier tools, cutting-edge technologies, and modern methodologies to elevate your business.

Tools for Data Migration on On-Premise Servers

IBM InfoSphere
Informatica PowerCenter
Microsoft SQL
Oracle Data Service Integrator
Talend Data Integration

Cloud-Based Data Migration Tools

Talend Open Studio

Open-Source Tools for Data Migration

Stitch Data
Microsoft SQL Server

Our Premier Expertise in Data Migration

We are recognized for providing meticulously planned, seamless, and effective data migration services. Our data migration experts adhere to top industry standards and guarantee successful outcomes while staying within the allocated budget.
Complete Data Transfer Our data migration specialists are proficient in the big bang migration technique. They utilize this method to transfer all data at once from the original system to the target environment in a single operation.
Incremental Data Migration
In the incremental data migration process, we segment the data into various subsets and utilize multiple sub-processes to transfer the data incrementally in smaller chunks.
Just-In-Time Data Migration
Our data migration specialists possess the necessary skills to carry out on-demand migration upon request. With this strategy, we assist you in transferring data in small batches between points as required.
Seamless Database Migration with Zero Downtime
For data migration without any system downtime, you can confidently depend on our services. We guarantee continuous access to both the system and your data as we transition from your current environment to the target setup.

Why Choose Metro Midas' Data Migration Consultants?

At Metro Midas, our specialized team of Data Migration Consultants is ready to address all your data migration requirements. Their unique combination of experience, skills, and commitment to excellence sets them apart. Whether it's transitioning your data storage infrastructure to the cloud or modernizing your outdated data systems, we've got your back.

We create automated systems to migrate business logic schemas, and our proficiency in scaling XML structures ensures you experience smooth upgrades of legacy platforms and data migrations with minimal to zero downtime.
Benefits of Collaborating with Metro Midas
- Transparent, cooperative, and communicative team.
- Experienced data migration specialists provide comprehensive data migration services.
- Capable of managing the most robust, complex, and challenging data migration projects.
- Utilize proven, reliable, and agile implementation strategies.
- Conduct migrations under stringent protocols to minimize errors and achieve zero downtime.
- Provide clear and adaptable engagement models.
- Commit to a strict non-disclosure agreement to guarantee your project's complete ownership.
- Offer a straightforward exit strategy.


What is the cost of data migration?
The cost of data migration typically varies based on factors like the complexity and scope of the project, the technologies used, and the desired outcomes and objectives.
Feel free to reach out to us for an accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific data migration needs.
What is the optimal approach for data migration?
There are various strategies for data migration, and the best approach is determined based on your specific requirements, expectations, objectives, and the complexity of your project. Our team of expert data migration consultants is well-versed in employing diverse and proven methods to successfully carry out data migration projects.
What are the key steps in the data migration process?
The process of data migration involves several critical steps, including selecting, preparing, extracting, transforming, and transferring data while ensuring its accuracy and quality. It is crucial to have a comprehensive data migration plan in place.
Key steps in the data migration process include:
- Identifying the data’s format, location, and sensitivity.
- Planning the project’s size and scope.
- Conducting data backups.
- Assessing the availability of necessary resources, tools, and environments.
- Implementing the data migration plan effectively.
- Testing the system in the post-migration environment.
- Providing ongoing support and maintenance for the data migration plan.
What data migration services do you offer?
Our data migration services are scalable and flexible, as detailed in the 'Our Services' section above. We assist with data migration from on-premise systems to IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS platforms, as well as from on-premise to cloud, cloud to cloud, and from any source to any destination.
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