Data Collection

Services for Data Collection

We provide tailored data collection services to identify and manage all corporate data, eliminate data silos, and ensure the security of collected data in compliance with specific security and privacy regulations.

Data Collection Services We Provide

Utilize our reliable data collection services to ensure the completeness and ethical sourcing of your data.
Data Extraction Services
Our data collection services are built on experience, expertise, and efficiency. Regardless of the data type or source, we extract all kinds of data using the highest legal and compliance standards.
Data Mining Services
Our skilled data collection specialists can assist you in selecting the appropriate data mining model, defining KPIs, developing the mining model, and deploying it to any data sets. Additionally, we can monitor and refine existing data mining models for improved accuracy.
Web Scraping Services
Our expertise in web scraping enables efficient and rapid data extraction. We utilize cutting-edge tools and APIs to scrape and gather data from websites relevant to your business. Entrust the complexities of web scraping to us and obtain high-quality web data in minutes.
Online Data Collection Services
Our data collection specialists can assist you in collecting data from various online sources and touchpoints. Through the collection of data from marketing analytics, transactional data, web scraping, and data marketplaces, we ensure that you receive clean and trustworthy data.
Remote Data Collection Services
With years of experience in providing data collection services, we can help you identify all potentially relevant and significant data sources. We collect data with minimal disruptions, establish a transparent chain of custody, and meticulously document it to ensure the defensibility and integrity of the data.
Marketing Data Collection Services
Our data collection experts possess extensive experience in data collection. Through focused data collection services, we meticulously select and utilize only legitimate and compliant methods to collect data for use in both qualitative and quantitative market research.
Social Media Listening Services
With our expertise in social media listening, we can extract comprehensive information about who is discussing your brand and what they are saying. We also cover trending topics in customer feedback and provide insights into customer behavior, helping enhance your brand identity and customer relationships.
Speech Data Collection Services
With our experienced and highly skilled AI and ML engineers, we offer data collection services for gathering speech data. This data is utilized to train ML models, NLP models, and AI models, supporting your multilingual audiences.
Image Data Collection Services
Tailoring our data collection services to meet your project needs, we specialize in collecting image data. Our data collection specialists create unique scenarios and utilize their annotation expertise to perform facial and gestural tagging for advanced sentiment analysis.
Video Data Collection Services
Regardless of the type or quality of videos you require, we can assist you in collecting video data that aligns with your specifications. By utilizing high-quality video data, you can train your AI models for tasks such as video recognition, object detection, deep learning, and predicting movement and traffic patterns.
Handwritten Data Collection Services
Our data collection services encompass the collection and aggregation of handwritten data specific to your business use case. We cater to all demographics and multiple languages, ensuring that you receive high-quality handwritten data for applications such as Computer Vision, OCR, ML, and pattern recognition.

Technologies Utilized for Data Collection

We prioritize the use of top-tier and comprehensive tools and technologies that deliver effective results.

Collection of Data

Device Magic

Extraction of Data

Hevo Data
Web Scraper

Mining of Data

Oracle Data Mining,
IBM SPSS Modeler
Apache Mahout

Entry of Data

Zoho Forms
Foxtrot RPA
Entrypoint i4
Zed Axis

Our Additional Proficiency in Data Collection Services

At Metro Midas, we leverage our distinct skills and expertise in data to deliver innovative, compelling, and results-driven data collection services tailored to your requirements.
Public Crowdsourcing Services
Our public crowdsourcing technique provides sufficient and high-quality data for various business activities and data projects. As a part of a large internet community, we make a wide range of data available, including images, videos, text, personal, medical, or public data, ensuring efficient data sourcing.
Private Sourcing Services
Our data collection specialists can function as your internal team, collecting data of any complexity and for any purpose. With access to a diverse audience from various geolocations, we can generate smaller data sets with enhanced privacy and security measures.
Customer Data Collection Services
Leveraging our expertise, skills, and experience, we identify potential sources from which your customers generate data. Partnering with a dedicated data collection company allows us to map the customer journey and collect this data for further analysis and training.
Pre-Packaged Data Solutions
We can assist you in selecting optimal pre-packaged data collection solutions, closing gaps, integrating APIs, or writing code to customize the solution. This streamlines the data collection process and establishes standard uniformity for enhanced productivity.
Touchpoint Data Collection Services
Leveraging our expertise in data collection, we map customer touchpoints to understand the entire customer journey. This process is crucial for collecting touchpoint data, which can be used to analyze conversion trends, customer churn, and cart abandonment.

What Sets Metro Midas' Data Collection Specialists Apart?

Consider Metro Midas' data collection specialists when seeking to enhance your data collection techniques. Our expertise and skills ensure the rapid delivery of large volumes of high-quality, curated data for your analysis, intelligence, and training needs.
We utilize a blend of traditional, conventional, and modern approaches to collect data from diverse sources. Our experience across various industries enables us to ethically and legally obtain data from carefully identified sources, adhering to industry standards and compliance regulations.
What Sets Metro Midas Apart From Competitors:
- We ensure 99% accuracy in data collection, extraction, and entry.
- Our track record includes successful completion of numerous data collection and data science projects.
- We prioritize confidentiality, security, and transparency in our services.
- Data security is our top priority, alongside maintaining data quality and integrity.
- We tailor our approach to deliver quick turnaround times.
- We offer flexible engagement models to suit your needs.
- We adhere to strict NDAs to ensure absolute confidentiality.
- Our easy exit policy provides added convenience.


What Data Collection Services Do You Provide?
Our data collection services encompass both qualitative and quantitative data collection. All the services we offer in this domain are detailed in the "Our Services" section.
Do You Provide Sample Work for Data Collection?
Yes, we provide sample work for our data collection services once final terms are agreed upon and we are one step away from signing the contract.
What Techniques Do You Use for Data Collection?
We employ various techniques for data collection, including interviews, observations (direct and participant), questionnaires, surveys, competitive intelligence, web scraping, online tracking, transactional tracking, social media monitoring, and collecting both primary and secondary data.
Is It Possible to Hire Data Collection Specialists on an Hourly Basis?
Yes, you can hire data collection experts from Metro Midas on an hourly, monthly, or project basis.
What Other Services Do You Offer Besides Data Collection?
We are a comprehensive data service provider, offering a wide range of services including data science, data warehousing, data migration, data integration, data visualization, data security, data governance, and all other data-related services. You can rely on us for all your data needs.
Top-Tier IT Experts
Metro Midas Technology is the exclusive hub of dedicated software developers, UI/UX designers, QA experts, and product managers with incredibly rare and hidden talents. We provide access to exceptional IT talent globally, ranging from independent software developers to fully managed teams.
Aligned Time Zones
Time zone differences are never a constraint when working with Metro Midas Technology. We follow a simple procedure - aligning our developers' schedules with your time zone. Hire dedicated software developers from us, and collaborate seamlessly from afar, ensuring work is done according to your time zone, deadlines, and milestones.
Experienced Team
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