Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning Services

Enhance your data analytics and data science projects with our customized data cleaning services. We guarantee that your data is free of errors, technically precise, robust, and primed for sophisticated algorithms and analytics.

Data Cleaning Services We Provide

We guarantee that our clients receive consistent, complete, and robust data to enhance their results. Our data cleansing services are dedicated to cleaning, de-duplicating, verifying, and validating a vast array of erroneous and rogue data.
Data Auditing and Aggregation Services
The core of our data cleansing services is auditing your existing data. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current data to confirm its effectiveness and quality. Our skilled data cleansing team is adept at compiling and aggregating data from extensive datasets into a simpler format using methods like sum, average, mean, or median.
Data Verification Services
Our comprehensive data verification services are designed to determine if your organizational data falls within acceptable ranges and maintains accuracy and consistency. We perform verifications at every stage, including after data has been merged or migrated from external sources. Our data engineers employ manual, semi-automated, and fully automated methods to verify your data.
Data Enrichment Services
Our data enrichment services involve merging data from internal sources with isolated data from internal, third-party, and external sources to enhance the value of the data you hold. Our expert data cleansing services enable you to track changes in the quality or sources of data enrichment while ensuring data security and compliance are not compromised.
Data Deduplication Services
Our expertise in data deduplication allows businesses to remove duplicate data or redundant entries, significantly increasing data storage capacity. Our experienced data team conducts data deduplication through in-line or background processes, ensuring there is no data loss and zero downtime.
Data Standardization Services
Our data standardization services are designed to harmonize data across various systems, enhancing data portability and interoperability. We ensure that data collected from multiple sources is transformed into a uniform format by adhering to established data standards. These standards address issues such as capitalization, acronyms, punctuation, incorrect value fields, and the use of alphanumeric characters.
Data Cleaning Services
Given that each dataset is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all method for data cleaning. Our approach to providing data cleaning services is tailored to the specific errors, inconsistencies, or quality issues present in your data. We utilize advanced technology and tools to deliver top-notch data cleansing services.
Data Quality Management Services
Our team excels in managing the health and hygiene of your data. We oversee your data handling process, from collection to implementation and distribution to analytics. Our data cleansing services are dedicated to delivering error-free and consistent data that aligns with your intended purpose.

Our Technology Stack for Data Cleansing

We utilize top-tier tools, cutting-edge technologies, and contemporary methodologies to enhance your business's scalability.

Data Scrubbing
Tibco Clarity
Trifacta Wrangler

Data Integrity

Melissa Clean Suite
WinPure Clean & Match
Informatica Cloud Data Quality
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality
SAS Data Quality
IBM Infosphere Information Server

Project Management Tools

Azure DevOps
Hubstaff Tasks

Collaboration Tools



Google Meet

Our Comprehensive Data Cleansing Expertise

Duplicate Entry Removal Services
When data is collected from various sources or entered manually, duplicate entries can become a significant issue. Our team of data cleansing experts is skilled at identifying and removing such duplicates with precision.
Irrelevant Data Removal Services
In large-scale data collection, irrelevant data can be a common occurrence. Upon understanding your requirements, we leverage our expertise to identify and remove irrelevant or unrelated data based on columns, rows, text, intent, and other criteria. This ensures that you receive domain-relevant and business-specific data.
Syntax Error Correction Services
We offer assistance in removing white spaces, extra spaces, and fixing pad strings, typos, and other categorical variables. Utilizing our skills, we standardize capitalization in text for cleaner data that is more easily processed by computer models and custom algorithms.
Data Type Conversion Services
Our data engineers specialize in ensuring that numbers are stored as numeric types and dates as date objects with Unix timestamps. Additionally, they can convert categorical values into numeric formats and vice versa as required.
Formatting Cleanup Services
Formatting can pose challenges when using ML algorithms, making data processing difficult. We can assist in cleaning up formatted data by removing all types of formatting. This ensures you receive consistent and highly accurate data for processing and analytics.
Language Translation Services
When collecting data from diverse sources, language can vary based on geography. Our data cleansing services utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to ensure the dataset is predominantly monolingual, enhancing its consistency and usability.
Missing Value Handling Services
We offer two approaches for dealing with missing values: either removing them or researching and filling in the missing values. Our goal is to maintain data quality, so we collaborate with you to make the right decision.

Why Select Metro Midas for Data Cleaning Services?

As a trusted provider of data cleansing services, we possess the necessary skills and industry expertise to effectively manage and maintain data quality. Our team helps you save time and money by delivering clean, consistent, and accurate data.

Manually cleaning and error-proofing your data can be a time-consuming and complex task. However, our proficiency in utilizing various data cleansing tools and technologies ensures a systematic assessment and cleaning of your data in minimal time.
Benefits of Collaborating with Us
- Agile Methodology for Efficient Processes
- Experienced and Highly Skilled Data Team
- Cutting-edge Data Cleansing Solutions
- Quick Turnaround Time
- Focus on Data Security and Compliance
- Dedicated Project Managers for Personalized Service
- Proven Track Record with Satisfied Clients
- Flexible Engagement Models
- Comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
- Simple Exit Policy for Seamless Transition


Is there a difference between data cleansing and data wrangling?
While both concepts serve similar functions, there is a slight distinction between them. Data wrangling, also known as data munging, involves converting data from one format to another. On the other hand, data cleansing, or data cleaning, focuses on identifying and correcting errors within a dataset.
Our Data Cleaning Methodology?
Our data cleaning methodology involves a combination of manual and automated processes. We remove duplicates, correct errors, fill in missing values, delete irrelevant data, and fix syntax errors to cleanse the data. Additionally, we conduct data profiling and verification to ensure the data is clean and accurate.
How much would it cost for me to have my data cleansed by you?
The cost of our data cleaning services depends on various factors, such as the volume of data, the number of fields, the age of the data, its location, and the complexity of the cleaning process. For a personalized quote, please contact us with your specific requirements.
Where can I start the process for my data cleansing needs?
To initiate your data cleansing requirements, simply click on any of the action buttons on the page. You can also fill out the requisition form located at the bottom of the page or give us a call.
Have you previously offered data cleansing services?
Yes, we have a track record of successfully delivering data science, business intelligence, and data analytics projects that involved significant data cleansing requirements. Our team of data scientists, engineers, and analysts is experienced in providing tailored data cleansing services.
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