Computer Vision

Services for Computer Vision

With a strong team of ML engineers and AI developers, Metro Midas provides effective computer vision services. These services aim to train ML models to identify people, places, objects, and anomalies, ultimately unlocking valuable insights.

Our Computer Vision Service Offerings

Our skilled engineers provide specialized computer vision services to help you transform unstructured visual data into actionable insights.
Data Labeling Services for Computer Vision
Utilizing our extensive data labeling expertise, we provide computer vision services tailored to assist you in generating dataset training. Our team of AI and ML developers is proficient in various data labeling methods, including Polygons, Bounding Boxes, Cuboids, Point and Line, Segmentation, Annotation, and more.
Object Detection Services in Computer Vision
Our computer vision specialists excel at comparing image patterns to desired patterns, establishing relationships between pixelated objects. Hire computer vision developers from our team who are well-versed in using appropriate classification approaches to assist you in creating an image classification model.
Object Tracking Services in Computer Vision
Our computer vision services encompass both Single Object Tracking and Multiple Object Tracking. Additionally, we leverage our expertise in Deep Neural Networks to apply object-tracking solutions in 3D domains. Our object tracking models can be utilized for various purposes such as surveillance, security, tracking employee movement, and more.
Image Classification Services in Computer Vision
Our computer vision developers excel at comparing image patterns to desired patterns, establishing relationships between pixelated objects. They utilize appropriate classification approaches to assist you in creating an image classification model.
Image Segmentation Services in Computer Vision
Our AI and ML team possesses advanced skills in Edge-based, Threshold-based, Region-based, Cluster-based, and Watershed segmentation techniques. You can leverage our computer vision services for accurate Semantic, Instance, and Panoptic image segmentation. Our image segmentation models are suitable for various purposes such as location tagging, face recognition, traffic control, and more.
Intelligent Video Analysis Services in Computer Vision
As part of our computer vision services, we provide robust and accurate video analysis for detecting objects, locations, people, and more. Our AI developers can extract detailed metadata from videos at the frame level to create custom labels. We utilize AutoML to deliver real-time insights, streaming video annotations, and object-based event triggers.
Optical Character Recognition Services in Computer Vision
Benefit from our expertise in developing advanced computer vision solutions for converting images containing written content into machine-readable text data. We leverage our skills in Natural Language Processing algorithms to extract text from images and maximize its utility.
Visual Search Services in Computer Vision
With our expertise in Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) systems, we can develop various visual search models, including Reverse Image Search, Related Search, Filtered Search, Deep Image Search, and Augmented Reality Search. Contact us to build a visual search model tailored to your industry and specific needs.
Custom Computer Vision Solutions Services
Utilize our computer vision consulting services to quickly deploy AI and obtain accurate and meaningful insights. We assist in developing a computer vision solution architecture tailored to your industry and business requirements. Our computer vision consultants can also aid in deploying and integrating the solution according to your objectives.

Our Technology Stack for Computer Vision Development

We leverage top-tier tools, cutting-edge technologies, and contemporary methodologies to enhance the scalability of your business.

Programming Language

- R
- Python

Framework Technologies

- Caffe2
- Hadoop
- Chainer
- Sonnet
- Theano
- TensorFlow
- Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
- MXNet
- PyTorch


- Seaborn
- Pandas
- SciPy
- Scikit-learn
- OpenCV


- Azure Machine Learning
- Amazon Machine Learning
- Google Cloud AI

Artificial Neural Network

- U Net
- ResNet
- GANs

Discover Our Range of Computer Vision Solutions

Enhancing Transportation with Computer Vision Solutions

From parking occupancy detection to autonomous vehicles, our computer vision services can tailor industry-specific use cases for you. Count on us for cutting-edge computer vision solutions such as:
- Self-Driving Cars
- Pedestrian Detection
- Parking Occupancy Detection
- Traffic Flow Analysis
- Traffic Monitoring
- Road Condition Monitoring
Revolutionizing Retail with Computer Vision Solutions
Whether it's inventory management or product display, we specialize in crafting bespoke computer vision solutions to elevate your business. Explore the innovative solutions we offer:
- In-store Navigation
- Visual Search
- Personalized Product Recommendations
- Visual Inventory Inspection
Transforming Healthcare with Custom Computer Vision Solutions
Our tailored computer vision services have empowered clients to develop various solutions, from patient identification to enhancing rehabilitation services. Discover our innovative healthcare solutions:
- Patient Facial Identification
- X-Ray Image Analysis
- Wearable Technology Solutions
- CT and MRI Analysis
- Drug Identification
- Digital Pathology
Empowering Education with Advanced Computer Vision Solutions
Our expertise extends to creating cutting-edge computer vision solutions for monitoring learning behavior and dynamically analyzing student performance. Explore the range of solutions we offer for the education sector:
- Facial Emotion Analysis
- Attendance Monitoring
- Crowd Analysis
- Real-Time Indoor Mapping
- Intrusion Detection Models
- Vandalism Prevention
Empowering Manufacturing with Advanced Computer Vision Solutions
Count on our expertise in computer vision to develop solutions that enhance quality control and minimize safety risks in manufacturing. Explore the range of solutions we offer:
- Defect Identification
- Reading Barcodes and QR Codes
- Predictive Maintenance
- Risk Identification and Management
- Identifying, Classifying, and Counting Products
- Manufacturing Gear Detection
Revolutionizing Sports & Fitness with Customized Computer Vision Solutions
Harness the expertise of our developers to build tailored computer vision solutions for monitoring player performance, facilitating training, and analyzing games. Explore our range of customizable solutions:
- Player and Ball Tracking
- Self-Training
- Player Fitness Analysis
- Game Performance Analysis
- Offensive Formation Labeling
- In-depth Game Analytics
Building Smarter Cities with Tailored Computer Vision Solutions
Our computer vision services have enabled the development of smart city applications used by authorities for surveillance and management. Explore our expertise in crafting bespoke solutions for smart cities:
- Perimeter Monitoring and Person Detection
- Identifying Violent and Dangerous Situations
- Weapon Detection and Reporting
- Hygiene Compliance Control
- Smart City Traffic Monitoring
- Roadside Surveillance Applications

What Makes Metro Midas the Ideal Choice for Computer Vision Services?

With over a decade of experience in data services, Metro Midas has cultivated a strong and dedicated data team renowned for delivering top-notch computer vision services across various industries. Our AI developers and ML engineers deeply understand the challenges your industry faces and the nature of the data you generate, enabling them to tailor the perfect computer vision solution for your business.
We are continuously striving for excellence and never settle for less. To stay ahead in the industry, we constantly enhance our knowledge and upgrade our skills with the latest technologies. This commitment to ongoing improvement ensures that we work with the best and most up-to-date computer vision technologies, frameworks, libraries, and platforms. Here are the reasons why brands choose us:
Advantages of Collaborating with Us
Comprehensive AI and computer vision services
Proven expertise in Vision, ML, AI, Edge, and IoT
Access to a highly skilled and carefully selected data team
Extensive experience in the Image & Video domain
Proven track record in various industries
Transparent and adaptable hiring models
Commitment to signing strict NDAs
Easy and straightforward exit policy


Which companies can benefit from Metro Midas' computer vision services?
Any company that generates image or video data can benefit from our computer vision (CV) services. Our computer vision applications can be utilized for a wide range of purposes, including identification, monitoring, tracking, and detection.
Which industries can leverage Metro Midas' computer vision (CV) services and solutions?
Various industries can benefit from our computer vision services and solutions, utilizing them for a range of purposes. Our computer vision experts can also develop industry-specific solutions tailored to meet specific needs.
PS: You can explore how different industries utilize these solutions in the 'Explore Our Offerings in Computer Vision Solutions' section.
Which technologies does Metro Midas employ for its computer vision applications?
Our technology stack is outlined in the "Our Tech Stack" section above.
As a prominent data science service provider, our AI and ML engineers can leverage tools and technologies from those listed in the tech stack to meet your business requirements.
Can I consider implementing computer vision solutions for my retail business?
Absolutely! If your retail business generates video and image data, you can benefit from using computer vision applications.
Here are several computer vision use cases applicable to the retail industry:
- Retail Heat Maps
- Cashierless Stores
- Image Recognition
- Visual Search
- Virtual Mirrors
- Footfall Analysis
- Inventory Management
- Crowd Analysis
- Personalized Product Recommendations
- Visual Inventory Inspection
- Counterfeit Detection
- Self-Checkout
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Aligned Time Zones
Time zone differences are never a constraint when working with Metro Midas Technology. We follow a simple procedure - aligning our developers' schedules with your time zone. Hire dedicated software developers from us, and collaborate seamlessly from afar, ensuring work is done according to your time zone, deadlines, and milestones.
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