Big Data

Consulting services for Big Data

We excel in providing advanced Big Data consulting services, offering expert guidance to help clients analyze large datasets, enhance operational efficiency, derive valuable insights, and make informed decisions. Leveraging our extensive Big Data expertise, we create customized solutions aligned with your unique goals.

Our comprehensive Big Data consulting services cover the entire spectrum of your data needs, ensuring a thorough and effective approach from start to finish

Benefit from our extensive range of data consulting services designed to empower your organization with data-driven success. Metro Midas provides a wide array of Big Data solutions, including collection, processing, analytics, and visualization.
Custom Big Data Architecture Design for Scalability and Security
We specialize in crafting custom, scalable, and secure Big Data architectures that precisely align with your organization’s objectives, goals, and requirements. Our team of highly experienced Big Data consultants is adept at reviewing your existing Big Data architecture or designing a new, customer-centric, high-performing, and resilient architecture tailored to your needs.
Transform Your Data Vision into Reality with Expert Big Data Implementation
Successful execution of your Big Data plan is crucial for success. Our seamless and robust Big Data implementation services are designed to help you achieve your goals. With expertise in leveraging the latest technologies, we offer top-notch services for Big Data implementation and management, turning your data vision into reality.
Tailored Big Data Development for Enhanced Organizational Capabilities
Our commitment lies in developing custom Big Data solutions that directly tackle your specific data challenges, ultimately enhancing your organization's capabilities, performance, and competitiveness. Share your thoughts and ideas with our seasoned professionals, who possess the necessary experience and expertise to craft exceptional Big Data solutions tailored to your needs.
Empowering Data-Driven Decisions with Advanced Big Data Analytics
Our team specializes in comprehensive data analysis to extract valuable insights, coupled with intuitive data visualization. Leveraging the expertise of our Big Data software development professionals, we create highly scalable and cost-efficient Big Data analytics and visualization solutions. These include customizable dashboards and data warehouses, enabling you to make informed, data-driven decisions.
Enhance Business Operations with Expert Big Data Support
Metro Midas provides top-tier Big Data support and maintenance services to streamline your business operations, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. From help desk support and monitoring to optimization and evolution, we cover every aspect of Big Data support. Our expert consultants also assist in optimizing the cost of your Big Data system.
Efficient Big Data Collection Solutions for Seamless Data Integration
Our team of expert Big Data software developers specializes in crafting Big Data collection solutions. These solutions gather and integrate essential data from various sources, ensuring that all your crucial data is collected in your preferred format. This facilitates quick data processing, regardless of whether the data is structured, unstructured, or semi-structured.
Transforming Raw Data into Actionable Insights with Expert Big Data Processing
Our team of experts specializes in efficiently processing and transforming your enterprise's raw data into valuable insights, preparing it for analysis and decision-making. We handle the time-consuming task of Big Data processing, ensuring that the insights derived are relevant and the data processing is precise.
Comprehensive Big Data Lifecycle Management Solutions
Our services encompass the full lifecycle of Big Data, from collection and storage to analysis and retrieval. Whether your data is stored on cloud platforms or on-premise servers, we help you manage it efficiently. Our solutions streamline data flow, ensure data accessibility, and optimize the management of growing data volumes.
Ensuring Data Security and Compliance with Expert Big Data Services
Protect your data assets and ensure compliance with our comprehensive Big Data security and compliance services. Our team of highly experienced Big Data consultants provides valuable advice and strategies for maintaining optimal security mechanisms. We assist you in achieving compliance with all relevant regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, SOC, and more.
Seamless Data Ingestion and Integration for Enhanced Insights
Our services enable you to effortlessly ingest data from multiple sources into your Big Data environment, allowing you to uncover hidden insights and make informed decisions. Our team of vetted and experienced Big Data experts excels in integrating diverse datasets and systems into Big Data systems, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced data utilization.
Enhanced Data Quality Assurance with Big Data Testing and Automation
Ensure the quality, accuracy, reliability, and consistency of your data with our Big Data testing and automation services. Our team implements rigorous testing for your Big Data systems, automating validation and performance testing to reduce manual efforts and errors.
Strategic Big Data Consulting for Business Success
Our Big Data consulting services are designed to help you execute a strategic roadmap that aligns with your business objectives and goals. We craft well-planned strategies and implement them to pave the way for your business success. Hire our consultants for personalized advice on all aspects related to Big Data systems.

Our Proficiency in Big Data Solutions

We are proud to be your trusted partner, delivering customized Big Data solutions through our deep technical expertise, experience, and skill sets. Our team of Big Data experts employs cutting-edge technologies and tools to help you gain efficient data insights.



Storage of Data Across Distributed Systems

Amazon S3
Azure Blob Storage
Azure Data Lake
Apache HBase
Apache Kudu
Apache Cassandra

Databases for Big Data

Google Cloud
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
Apache Spark
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon DocumentDB
Azure CosmosDB

Processing and Streaming of Data

Apache Spark
Apache Hive
Apache Storm
Azure Stream Analytics
Amazon Kinesis
Apache NiFi
IoT Hub

Management of Data

Microsoft SQL Server

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Cloud Technologies
Robotic Process Automation
Data Science

Applications of Big Data Analytics Services

Our team of experienced Big Data specialists recognizes the potential of Big Data. Regardless of your industry, Metro Midas provides outstanding Big Data consulting services and solutions tailored to various use cases.
Enhanced Fraud Detection with Big Data Analytics
Leverage our expertise in Big Data analytics to detect unusual patterns and anomalies across operations like financial transactions, insurance claims, and digital activities. Our custom Big Data analytics services enable robust fraud detection and prevention, safeguarding your critical business data and reputation.
Optimize Machine Performance with Predictive Maintenance
Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in developing Big Data solutions that accurately predict machinery failures. Utilize predictive analytics to ensure the optimal performance of your machines and equipment. Our predictive maintenance solutions analyze sensor data and maintenance records to predict the next maintenance schedule, minimizing downtime.
Unlocking Revenue Potential through Data Monetization
Leverage our expertise in data monetization to uncover valuable insights and monetize your data in diverse ways. Our experts assist in identifying opportunities to package and sell your data to other organizations, creating new revenue streams or enhancing existing ones. Additionally, utilize these insights to develop new products, services, or effective marketing campaigns for your enterprise.
Boost Business Efficiency with Custom Big Data Analytics
Unlock the full potential of Big Data analytics to enhance your business's operational efficiency. Our tailored Big Data analytics solutions align with your business objectives and goals, optimizing your analysis processes, workflows, and resource utilization for maximum efficiency.
Enhancing Customer Experience with Actionable Insights
Our services enable enterprises to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns. This information empowers you to create personalized marketing campaigns and strategies, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. Additionally, you can identify features that resonate with customers and streamline functionalities based on user needs.
Optimizing Supply Chains with Custom Big Data Solutions
Leverage our Big Data software development services to optimize your supply chain. Enhance visibility into inventory stock levels, forecast demand, and streamline transportation routes. Our bespoke solutions enable informed decision-making, reduce excess inventory, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

What Sets Metro Midas Apart for Big Data Services?

Utilizing the power of Big Data to drive innovation, streamline processes, and achieve business success is crucial. Partnering with a renowned Big Data consultancy like Metro Midas can be highly beneficial. We offer a comprehensive suite of end-to-end Big Data consulting services tailored to your specific business needs and objectives.

Our expertise in utilizing advanced tools and technologies enables us to build future-proof and customer-centric solutions that help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals. From Big Data collection to analysis, ingestion, and visualization, our well-curated services cover the entire spectrum of Big Data analytics, giving our clients a competitive edge.
Advantages of Choosing Our Big Data Consulting Services:
1. Specialized team of Big Data consulting experts
2. Scalable, flexible, and secure Big Data solutions
3. Agile-driven approach
4. Certified Big Data professionals
5. Comprehensive consulting services
6. 24x7 technical support
7. Proven track record and satisfied clients
8. Flexible engagement models
9. Timezone flexibility
10. 360-degree view of project development
11. Fully signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
12. Easy exit policy


Which industries do you serve with Big Data consulting services?
We provide an extensive range of Big Data consulting services at Metro Midas, addressing challenges across diverse industries such as healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, automotive, ecommerce, and beyond. Leveraging our expertise and experience in developing top-notch Big Data solutions, we cater to various sectors.
How do your Big Data consultants help my startup?
Our Big Data consultants can greatly benefit your startup by offering a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. They assist in analyzing and interpreting data to uncover valuable insights, industry trends, and market opportunities. Additionally, our experts devise effective strategies to optimize your business operations and ensure data scalability for significant growth.
Can you leverage Big Data to improve customer experience?
Yes, our custom Big Data solutions offer valuable data insights that enable a deeper understanding of your customers. By leveraging our Big Data consulting services, you can enhance customer interactions and improve the overall user experience.
Do you offer scalable and custom Big Data services?
Absolutely, we provide scalable, secure, and flexible Big Data solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our team of vetted and seasoned professionals specializes in delivering customized solutions. We utilize the latest Big Data technologies and best practices to ensure that your Big Data architecture and infrastructure can grow alongside your evolving data requirements.
How much does it cost for the Big Data consulting services you offer?
The cost of our Big Data consulting services varies based on the selected services, project complexity, resource requirements, and your specific needs. Metro Midas is dedicated to offering flexible engagement models and providing cost-effective, high-quality Big Data solutions to our clients.
Can you integrate Big Data solutions with my existing systems?
Certainly, our experts excel at seamlessly integrating Big Data solutions into your current systems. Whether you operate on cloud or on-premise infrastructure, we ensure a smooth integration process that enhances the efficiency, performance, and scalability of your existing system.
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Aligned Time Zones
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