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Metro Midas Technology pioneers in crafting bespoke software solutions that redefine industry standards. Our team of seasoned experts is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge software tailored to your unique needs. From conceptualization to execution, we prioritize quality and innovation to ensure unmatched user experiences. Partner with us to unleash the full potential of your software vision today.


Elevate Your Software Development Experience with Metro Midas

Unleash the power of unparalleled software performance with Metro Midas Technology. As the global software testing market is projected to reach USD 103.09 Billion by 2026, the demand for robust and reliable software development solutions is at an all-time high.

With our advanced team of techies and software experts, Metro Midas is poised to fulfill these requirements and more. We specialize in crafting bespoke software solutions that redefine industry standards, ensuring trust and delivering high-level user experiences with cutting-edge technology and deep expertise.

Partner with Metro Midas to achieve best-in-class software development services and propel your product to new heights of excellence.


Crafting Seamless Software Solutions from Start to Finish

We handle every aspect of the software development lifecycle with our end-to-end software development services. Our aim is to ensure each component of your software is meticulously crafted and meets the highest standards of functionality and user satisfaction. Discover the full potential of your product and unleash its excellence with Metro Midas.

Core Services

At Metro Midas, we offer a comprehensive range of core software development solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our team combines deep industry expertise with cutting-edge IT advancements to deliver unique and impactful solutions that drive your business forward.

  • Custom Software Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise Software Solutions
  • Outsourced Software Development
  • Managed Development Services

Mobile Development Services

Our mobile development services extend to encompass comprehensive mobile application development. In mobile development, we ensure that your application is built seamlessly across a multitude of devices, platforms, operating systems, and more. We offer a range of services from iOS app development to Android app development, ensuring that your mobile solution meets the highest standards of performance, security, and user experience.

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment on Play Store and App Store

Tomorrow's Technology Today

Step into excellence in software development with Metro Midas. Our core services encompass a comprehensive range of solutions including consulting, development, management, and more. Leveraging industry expertise and cutting-edge IT advancements, we deliver tailored solutions that elevate end-user experiences to new heights.

MySQLAPI Testing
PythonCross-Browser Testing
Quality AssuranceTest Data Management
WordPressDomain Setup
React NativeAI/ML

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Share your project requirements today and let's shape the future together!

Experience the Future of IT with Metro Midas – Your Path to Innovation!


Hire Best Software Developers

Elevate your projects with Metro Midas' top-tier software development team. Our seasoned developers are dedicated to crafting bespoke digital solutions tailored to your exact needs. By entrusting your projects to us, you gain access to unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions, and a commitment to excellence. Partner with Metro Midas and embark on a journey to realize the full potential of your software projects.


Our Web and Mobile Development Services

We are experts in crafting unique Web and Mobile Development Services, tailored to your digital needs. Our team is adept at the latest technologies and innovative approaches to find solutions that are responsive, quick, smooth running, and focused solely on user behavior and psychology. As one of the best software testing companies, we offer manual as well as automated tests across platforms, devices, OS, and a combination of these all to ensure the software is of the highest quality.

Web Applications Development

We offer top web development solutions to help you establish a strong online presence.

Cross Platform App Development

We develop Cross Platform Applications to ensure seamless user experiences across all devices. 

Chatbot Development

Our company offers top-notch chatbot solutions for various industries that are intelligent and efficient.

Mobile App Development

We create personalized Mobile apps that drive business growth and reach wider audiences.

Software Product Engineering

We create products that empower businesses with innovation & agility, helping them reach new heights.


Our Dedicated Developer Ecosystem

Our team of dedicated engineers brings the gift of bespoke solutions tailored for your specific needs. With a wide array of skills and genuine passion for technology, our team enables organisations, big or small, to tackle challenges head-on to reach outcomes that exceed all expectations.

Our developers are also the first ones to imply the latest technologies and collaborate with automation to provide the advanced level of quality assurance software testing services. Whether it is to optimise a software application or to find bugs to fix them beforehand, our dedicated developer ecosystem is always there to bring your vision to life.


Hire Dedicated Developers

Our team of experts at Metro Midas stands at the forefront of software development, armed with all the latest and up-to-date knowledge in the field. Whether it is optimizing existing systems, finding potential issues with a system, or reviewing the modified versions of the system code, our experts only deliver the most effective and innovative solutions.


Solving the Challenges
You Face

As one of the best software testing company in India, we address all the critical issues faced during the software development process. We focus on our quality assurance software testing services on the following factors:

High efficiency and reliability of the software

Identifying bugs, glitches, potential issues

Fixing those issues before they affect end-user experience

Optimize workflow for faster delivery

Develop user-centric strategies and testing methodologies

Coming up with solutions that fit your budget

Finding innovative solutions to boost user experience

Provide advanced UI testing strategies for mobiles and web applications


Empowering Your Industry with Tailored Solutions

As one of the best quality assurance software testing company we pride ourselves of empowering a diverse range of industries with tailored solutions.


We are one of the most preferred web and app development companies by the educational institutions.


We can help you tap one of the leading online industries seamlessly with our custom development solutions.

Wellness and Fitness

Serve your target audience with an intriguing mobile app and cater them with best wellness and fitness mobile application.


Expand your business with our customized eCommerce development services and boost your profit.


Let your customers experience unmatched hospitality and seamless booking experience with our travel app development solutions.

Real Estate

The industry is adopting technology at an unprecedented speed. what are you waiting for?


We have helped media entities to build a distinct image in front of their audience and expand their market.

Social Networking

Have an idea for a much-needed out of the box social media website or app? We can help you lead the race.

Our Comprehensive Process and Methodology

Our process or methodology is quite simple: It is based on our client-centric approach. To walk you through this approach, we first start with a thorough consultation where we figure out the outline of your requirements. Then we create collaborative planning which is fully aligned with your objectives. We offer open communication and transparency at every stage of the software development lifecycle. Due to our precise approach we can make sure that the final delivery not just meets your expectations, but certainly exceeds them. 


We set up an appointment according to our client's convenience. In this appointment, we go through the project requirements. We thoroughly discuss our client's vision and business goals.

Requirements Analysis

Once we have discussed and created an outline of the requirements of the project, we then move on to analyzing it. Our team of experts runs extensive research to find innovative solutions. The objective here is to translate your business goals into reality through your project requirements.


Utilizing insights from requirement analysis to define project goals, scope, and timelines, establishing a clear roadmap for development efforts.


Our experienced team of designers utilizes industry best practices and innovative techniques to create intuitive user interfaces, efficient workflows, and scalable software architectures.


Implementing robust coding practices involves our team of skilled developers translating design specifications into functional software solutions. With a focus on scalability and maintainability.


Rigorously testing software is a critical step in our process to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product. Our dedicated quality assurance team employs a variety of testing methodologies, including functional testing, regression testing, and performance testing, to identify and address any defects or issues.


Deploying the software in the production environment is a carefully managed process that follows best practices for seamless integration and rollout. Our deployment team works closely with developers and system administrators to ensure a smooth transition from development to production.


Ensuring successful software deployment is a critical aspect of our service. Our dedicated delivery team meticulously oversees the transition from development to production, following best practices for seamless integration and rollout.

Technologies and Platforms We Work With

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Hire Ruby on Rails Developers


Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Apache JMeter

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

HP QuickTest Professional

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Unified Functional Testing

Benefits of Partnering with Us

Our quality assurance software testing services bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to all the projects. We meet your specific needs through tailor-made and innovative solutions. We are committed to deliver futuristic software applications to take your mission and business vision forward. Here are all other the reasons why partnering with us will benefit you: 

  • Collaborate with a high-functioning, passionate and technologically advanced set of professionals.
  • Enjoy tailor made unique strategies designed for your project goals and objectives.
  • Optimise your budget with our pocket-friendly pricing plans that ensure maximum ROI.
  • Establish a partnership where your needs are prioritised & maintained with open and transparent communication.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with our cutting-edge technologically advanced solutions.
  • Count on us with meeting deadlines to speed up your market release time.
  • Be assured with our continued support even after the project is delivered and released.

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At Metro Midas Technology, we are more than just an IT services company; we are your dedicated tech partner committed to your success. With a passion for innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we're here to make your entrepreneurial journey smoother and more prosperous.


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